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Trios Dental Scanner: Digital Dental Impression Technology

Article last updated: June 4, 2023

Trios Dental ScannerTrios Dental Scanner

We love our Trios dental scanner! Feedback from patients have told us that digital impressions are faster and easier than conventional dental impressions.


The accuracy and technology of a digital scan ensures a nearly perfect fit and
tooth shade every time
for a lab fabricated dental crown or dental bridge.


The Trios dental scanner enables us to send your lab case securely via the cloud. Within minutes, your case will be reviewed and fabricated by a certified dental lab technician.


Dental procedures that we are currently using the Trios digital scanner for include:

Fabrication of dental crowns

Fabrication of dental bridges








Trios Dental Scanner PenBenefits of digital dentistry

Digital technology in dentistry is highly accurate, increased comfort, and reduces your time in the dental chair.
Increased accuracy and precision
Reduces your time in the dental chair
Reduces fabrication time
No additional cost is passed onto the dental patient





What does a digital impression/scan look like? Trios Dental Scan of Teeth

Trios® is an intraoral (in the mouth) dental scanner that takes super high speed images of your mouth using a wand. The collection of images taken are rendered and referred to as a digital impression or intraoral scan.
These images are then sent securely via the cloud to a specialty dental lab. Here, a lab technician will import your images into a CAD (computer aided design) software program used to design and manufacture your permanent dental restoration, dental crown or bridge.






Image of a Conventional dental impressionHow is a digital scan difference from a conventional impression?

Conventional impressions require your dentist to fill a tray with a pudding like consistency material (shown left).
Your dentist will insert the filled tray into your mouth and ask you to bite and hold your teeth together till the material hardens, typically 3-5 minutes.






Trios Digital ImpressionDigital impressions are fast, easy, and highly accurate. The Trios dental scanner looks like a super sized pen that the dentist or dental assistant will use to scan your prepared tooth or teeth. Time to scan takes only a few seconds for each image (shown left). All images combined take less time than conventional impressions.








Trios dental scanner use during tooth preparation appointment

Two dental appointments are necessary to prepare, fabricate, and permanently cement a dental crown or dental bridge.


1st appointment overview Trios Custom Shade

  • Tooth preparation & digital Impression
  • Fabricate temporary restoration
  • Select custom shade


During your first appointment, the dentist will prepare your tooth/teeth and take necessary digital impressions
and select a custom shade.
Afterwards, your dental assistant will fabricate and cement
a temporary dental crown
or bridge over your prepared tooth/teeth until your permanent restoration is fitted and permanently cemented.




Trios CAD designFabrication at the dental laboratory

Your digital impressions and work order will be received and reviewed by a lab technician.
The technician will import your digital images and impression into a CAD (computer aided design) software to design and mill your dental crown or bridge according to your dentist’s instructions.





Crown Milling Closeup

Once fabrication of your ceramic restoration is complete, a courier from the dental lab will deliver your case to us.














Evaluate fit and permanently cement dental crown/bridge

Your newly fabricated dental crown or bridge is permanently cemented after the dentist evaluates the fit and checks your bite.


2nd appointment overviewTrios-dental-scanner-for-dental-crown

  • Remove temporary crown or bridge
  • Check fit of your custom fabricated dental crown or bridge restoration
  • Once fit is perfect, permanently cement restoration


Approximately 1-2 weeks later, your dental assistant will remove your temporary, dry fit your restoration, and take a digital x-ray for the dentist.
The dentist will review the x-ray and evaluate and check the fit
of your dental crown or bridge.
Once any minor adjustments are made, your dentist will permanently cement your restoration into place.




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