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Tooth Fairy: A Timeless Childhood Tradition

Tooth Fairy TraditionsTooth Fairy History

According to Wikipedia, the tradition of leaving your tooth under a pillow for the mythical “tooth fairy” is believed to have European origins. It wasn’t until a play titled ‘The Tooth Fairy’ was published in 1927 that kids in the US began placing their lost baby teeth under their pillow for the tooth fairy.
























Tooth Fairy A Magical Visit

According to an annual poll, the tooth fairy visited an estimated 85% of US households with children in 2016. Worldwide, Toothfairy Land estimates that over 300,000 baby (primary) teeth are collected every night. That’s a lot of teeth!




















Tooth Eruption ChartPermanent Teeth Eruption Chart

There are many variables for when the permanent tooth will grow in. The chart below provides a general range for when each baby tooth will be lost and when the permanent tooth will grow in.
























Tooth Fairy MoneyTooth Fairy Money

In 2016, the tooth fairy paid an estimated $290.6 million for lost teeth (Source: Delta Dental Annual Poll)! The index shows the average gift to be $4.66 per lost tooth, up nearly 20% from 2016. The tooth fairy pays more for clean, cavity free teeth as well as teeth that required help from your dentist to pull.









Tooth Fairy Keepsake BoxLost Tooth Collection

What does the tooth fairy do with all the teeth she collects?

While no one really knows, many kids and/or parents leave a note requesting to save the baby tooth for a childhood keepsake.









Online Tooth Fairy Resources

Toothfairy LandFun site filled with answers to help parents talk to their children about what happens to a loose baby tooth.
Pillows Shopping site that offers an assortment of pillows with a tooth holding pocket.
Movies Site lists movie titles for children’s movies whose story line includes a tooth fairy.
Kits & Keepsakes Boxes Shopping site that offers an assortment of gifts.
Ideas that Your Child Will Never Forget (Buzz Feed Article)
Letters  & Printables (Free Printables)
Pinterest Inspirational site for ideas, printables, pillow patterns, and more!
Amazon Link to recommended children’s book about losing a tooth.
Etsy Link to boutique style tooth fairy keepsakes, pillows, and more.


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