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Teeth Partials

Teeth partials, also known as a partial denture are removable replacement teeth. Teeth partials are ideal if you have a combination of missing and retained natural teeth.


Dentistry for the Entire Family makes teeth partialsDentistry for the Entire Family offers teeth partials

Removable teeth partials have tooth colored acrylic replacement teeth and retentive metal clasps or rubber like gasket openings on the partial denture that enable the partial to be placed over your remaining natural teeth and rest on the bone ridge (jawbone). With proper handling and care, teeth partials often last several years.
Loss of a tooth
Gum disease is the number one reason adults have a tooth extracted. Gum disease is a chronic condition that results in the loss of bone supporting structure to retain a tooth in the jawbone. Other reasons a tooth is loss is due to decay that extends into the tooth’s nerve, or an unrestorable broken tooth.
Top reasons why you may lose a tooth

  1. Gum (periodontal) disease
  2. Tooth decay that extends into the tooth’s nerve
  3. Unrestorable broken tooth

While the loss of a single tooth may not initially seem problematic, overtime adjacent and opposing teeth will likely shift and/or
drift and could lead to loss of additional teeth if extracted teeth are not replaced.

Benefits of replacing missing teeth with teeth partials

Teeth partials enable you to fill unsightly, visible missing teeth spaces and help prevent teeth adjacent to the missing tooth space from shifting and drifting.

  • Replace missing teeth
  • Prevent adjacent natural teeth from moving into space of missing tooth


Disadvantages of teeth partials

Common disadvantages associated with teeth partials include:

  • Must must be physically inserted and removed for daily care
  • Not able to eat all the foods you previously enjoyed
  • May alter your taste of food and beverages
  • May move while eating or talking


Teeth partial fabrication

A teeth partial consists of a base made of either acrylic or a metal framework with acrylic or porcelain replacement teeth. Teeth partials may have metal clasps that wrap around natural existing teeth or openings with rubber like gaskets that hug remaining natural teeth. Teeth partials use existing natural teeth for retention. If additional natural teeth are ever extracted, a partial denture can be converted into a full teeth replacement denture.
Comparison of Dentures and Teeth Partials

Pictured above: Pictorial comparison of difference between a full denture and teeth partials.


Treatment alternatives to teeth partials

Before deciding to have your dentist fabricate teeth partials, it’s important to understand what other treatment alternatives exist before making your final decision. There are two predominant teeth replacement treatment alternatives
to teeth partials: dental bridge or a dental implant. Which option is right for you is dependent upon many variables including the number of teeth replaced, height on bone ridge, aesthetics, time, and cost.

  • Dental bridge
  • Dental implant


Dental bridge

A dental bridge is a great alternative teeth on each side of the missing tooth are healthy. A dental bridge consists of three or more dental crowns fused together (pontic and abutments) and is permanently cemented over two or more natural (abutment) teeth.

Dental Bridge Illustration

A dental bridge has two components: a pontic and two or more abutments. A pontic is a replacement tooth crown (no tooth root)
that replaces the missing visible portion of the tooth. Abutments are the adjacent natural teeth that support or anchor the pontic tooth. The abutment and pontic crowns are fused together as one in the fabrication process.


Dental bridge aesthetics look like natural teeth. They are custom shaded to blend in with adjacent natural teeth. Dental bridge care includes brushing and using a bridge threader to clean under the bridge. Dental bridges last several years and are a viable option to replace missing teeth and to restore chewing without having to remove a teeth partial.

Dental implant

dental implant is a total tooth replacement comprised of a titanium tooth root and a visible porcelain, tooth colored dental crown. The dental crown is permanently cemented to the titanium tooth root.

Dental implant illustration

Similar to a dental bridge, dental implants are tooth colored and will last several years with meticulous home care. The procedure to place a dental implant includes multiple appointments over a period of 6-12 months. Generally speaking, the dentist will first place the dental implant and ongoing monitor the healing process which can take several months. After healing is complete, the dentist will proceed to place a metal coping to support a permanently cemented dental crown.


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What are teeth partials made of?

Teeth partials are fabricated by a certified dental lab technician who specializes in the fabrication of removable dental appliances
for our dentists. Teeth partials are made of acrylic (plastic) inset with the patient’s choice and shade acrylic colored teeth. Teeth partials also have additional metal or acrylic support clasps or gaskets that wrap around natural teeth for retentive support.


Fabrication of Teeth partials: The process

The process and time it takes for your dentist to fabricate a partial denture varies widely. Factors include but not limited to:

  • The removal of existing natural teeth
  • Healing time following having natural teeth extracted



The actual fabrication of the teeth partial denture itself requires the dentist to take a series of dental impressions, measurements, and selection of aesthetic characteristics to enable the dental lab technician to fabricate your new teeth partial.


Impressions & Trial fit

The partial making process requires a sequential series of appointments as the dental lab technician completes each fabrication step of your new teeth partial. These appointments are often called “try in” appointments. The number of appointments necessary varies among individuals.


Follow up visit

Additionally, after the final teeth partials are fabricated and fitted, there will be additional follow up visits to manage the inevitable “sore spots” that will surface.

Sore spots are normal and to be expected. Sore spots result from uneven pressure of the partial and the underlying bone ridge and/or tissue. The dentist will examine your mouth and make necessary adjustments to your partial as needed till
the fit is perfect.


Dentistry for the Entire Family offers complimentary smile restoration consultations.

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How to care for teeth partials

It is important to maintain preventive care visits with your hygienist. At each preventive care visit, your dental hygienist will professionally clean your partial and your dentist will inspect and check the fit of your partial.


Daily care for teeth partials

  • Rinse teeth partials after eating and after drinking teeth staining beverages
  • Soak your partial daily in a non abrasive, over the counter denture cleanser*** and afterwards brush partial clean with a toothbrush, and rinse with warm water
  • Remove partial at night and store bedside in a glass of water
  • Keep teeth partials out of reach from pets and/or children
  • Avoid using products containing hydrogen peroxide to clean your partials

***Do not use over the counter denture cleaners if your partial has gaskets. This will cause your gaskets to dry out, become brittle, and will affect the fit of your partial.

Smoking with teeth partials

Smoking and/or use of smokeless tobacco may stain your partial and overtime permanently alter the brightness of your partial’s teeth. There are over the counter cleaners to help reduce unsightly stains.

Teeth partials maintenance & repair

Accidents happen, materials age, and over time the fit of your partial may change the fit of your partial. If scheduled in advance, your teeth partial can be repaired and/or relined in a single day.
Call (763) 586-9988
to preschedule a 10 minute early appointment and a 10 minute late afternoon appointment.  Doing this, will minimize the time you are without your partial.

Teeth partial reline

A reline is a procedure that restores the fit and extends the life of your partial. Over time, the supporting bone ridge in your mouth changes and alters the retention of your partial.
The dentist will take an impression of both your mouth and of your existing partial. Your case will be sent out to our dental lab where a dental lab technician will clean, inspect, and restore the fit your partial fit.

Same day teeth partial repair

Chipped acrylic tooth?
Broken clasp?
Missing gasket?
Broken partial?

Most teeth partial repairs can be completed in a single day. Call (763) 586-9988 to schedule an appointment.


***Do NOT attempt to repair your partial with an over the counter adhesive like super glue. These products are not safe for use in the mouth.

Teeth partial FAQ’s

Q. How much are teeth partials?

A. The cost of partials depends on many factors. Your dentist will discuss your options and will one of our patient care coordinators will provide you an estimate of costs for you to make an informed decision.


Q. Are teeth partials covered by my dental insurance?

A. Many dental insurance plans provide dental benefits for the fabrication of partial dentures. Feel free to ask one of our patient
care coordinators
for assistance.


Q. How long does it take from start to finish to have a partial made?

A. The process to make a partial involves several steps and is different for each person. Dentistry for the Entire Family offers complimentary consultations for you to meet and discuss your specific situation with a dentist.


Dentistry for the Entire Family offers complimentary smile restoration consultations.

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