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Making Smiles Bright

Bright Smile Holiday Teeth Whitening

Gift the Gift of White

Are you struggling to get that perfect holiday gift for your loved one? Perhaps, you’re looking for a great gift to pamper yourself?

Dentistry for the Entire Family offers three teeth whitening options for you or a loved one.

In office professional teeth whitening
Take home professional teeth whitening
Professional strength teeth whitening strips

Benefits of having a bright smile

Look & feel younger

Boost self confidence

Live longer


Look & feel younger!

A bright smile beams beauty, confidence, and can help us look and feel younger.  When surveyed, 96% of people said that a whiter smile makes a person look more attractive (Source: Statistic Brain). The same study indicated that Americans spent $1.4 billion dollars in 2015 to whiten their teeth.

Smile confidence!

In addition to looking and feeling younger, a sparkling smile can improve your self confidence. In fact, 74% of people believe that not having a bright smile impacted their career and even hindered receiving a promotion (Source: Statistic Brain).

Live longer!

Studies show people who are happy with the appearance of their smile, smile more often and often manage stress better than people who are embarrassed or purposely avoid showing their smile. Researchers have indicated that happy people smile more and often manage daily stress better than stressed people and as a result tend to live longer than their counterparts.

Teeth whitening options

There are a seemingly endless array of teeth whitening options. From over the counter products to professional products along with teeth whitening services.

Generally speaking, teeth whitening products and services can be divided into two main categories, over the counter and professional. Within each category, there are varying price points.

  • Professional teeth whitening services and products
  • Over the counter teeth whitening services and products

Professional teeth whitening products

Professional teeth whitening products and services are effective and safely brighten your smile. All professional teeth whitening agents have been approved for safety and use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The
FDA requires all professional teeth whitening products are applied and/or dispensed by a licensed dental professional after a dental examination and review of pertinent medical & dental history information. These products and/or services may include:

  • In office professional teeth whitening
  • Take home professional teeth whitening
  • Professional strength teeth whitening strips


Over the counter teeth whitening products

Not all over the counter teeth whitening products safely whiten teeth. Products sold over the counter are only FDA labeled safe if accidentally swallowed. Over the counter teeth whitening products have not been tested for
effectiveness and if they harm or damage tooth enamel, the outside layer of a tooth.

Some of these products are sold in retail malls and spas, owned and operated by non dental people. They advertise teeth whitening services and products supposedly are the “same as your dentist uses, but without the cost”. This is a slippery slope for the interested customer.

  • Are the products the same?
  • Will they harm your teeth?
  • Will they even work?
  • Are tools sterilized and rooms properly disinfected?

All the above are valid questions without honest answers. These businesses are not regulated and therefore require customers to
sign a waiver of liability in the event something happens. Furthermore, there is no guaranteed way of knowing what the quality and/or contents of their teeth whitening agent is, nor if a customer has any medical, dental, or existing dental contraindications
for having teeth whitening.

Professional teeth whitening options

There are three options for professional teeth whitening: in office, DIY take home, and teeth whitening strips. Each of the three options are discussed further below.

In office teeth whitening

Transform your smile up to 5 shades brighter in as little as 2 hours with a single dental visit. One of our specially trained dental assistants will capture before & after photos of your smile transformation. Your appointment will include:

  • Before & after color shade of teeth
  • Before & after photos of smile
  • Professional application of teeth brightening solution
  • Take home after-care kit
  • Do it yourself teeth whitening trays for touch ups (optional)


Professional teeth whitening at home

DIY teeth whitening at home with professional results, 45 minutes daily for 2 weeks. An alternative option to our in office teeth whitening is our take home professional teeth whitening kit. This kit includes:

  • Before & after color shade of teeth
  • Custom fabricated teeth whitening trays
  • Professional strength teeth whitening gel

*This option does requires two short dental appointments. One appointment to take impressions of your top and bottom teeth in order to fabricate custom teeth whitening trays, and a second appointment to deliver your custom fabricated trays, teeth whitening gel, and review DIY home instructions.

Professional Teeth Whitening Strips

Most economical professional teeth whitening option. Professional strength Crest teeth whitening strips are worn for 30 minutes, twice daily for an average of 14-21 days.
On average most users see at best a 2-3 shade difference in the color of their teeth. The less impressive results are in part
due to the concentration and strength of teeth whitening agent of manufactured strips and user compliance. Professional strength Crest white strips make for a great stocking stuffer and are available for purchase during business hours

Frequently asked questions

Q. How much does it cost to have my teeth professionally whitened?
A. Teeth whitening prices vary depending upon option selected. DIY take home teeth whitening kit is the most popular. Teeth whitening strips are great for people on a budget and willing to commit to a twice a day application.
Q. Does dental insurance cover professional teeth whitening services or products?
A. No. Dental insurance companies do not provide benefits for elective, cosmetic services or products.
Q. How old do you have to be to whiten your teeth?
A. Manufacturers of professional teeth whitening products are formulated for use for people aged 16 and older.
Q. Who is not a good candidate for teeth whitening?
A. Teeth whitening  products lift natural teeth that are discolored due to unsightly stains from food, beverages, and lifestyle habits like smoking. If teeth have developmental abnormalities, teeth whitening may not be effective. If this is the case, your dentist will discuss alternative options.
Q. Will teeth whitening hurt my existing white dental fillings, crowns, or bridges?
A. While teeth whitening is safe for  people who have dental crowns, bridges, or white dental fillings, these dental restorations will not change color. Teeth whitening agent only whitens natural tooth structure.
Q. Will my teeth be sensitive afterwards?
A. It is not unusual for your teeth to be sensitive for a couple days following teeth whitening. Use of a toothpaste like Sensodyne for
a few days prior to and following teeth whitening can help with any temporary temperature sensitivity. The use of Ibuprofen or Tylenol can also be effective.
Q. How much whiter will my teeth appear after teeth whitening?
A. Teeth whitening results vary person to person and upon teeth whitening agent concentration, contact time, and tooth anatomy. Dentistry for the Entire Family offers complimentary consultations to discuss what your best teeth whitening options are and the cost for each option.
Q. How long will my teeth stay white after whitening my teeth?
A. The longevity of your lightened teeth varies and is dependent on each individual and their home care and consumption of
staining beverages (dark sodas, red wine, tea, coffee). On average, most people do a touch up whitening procedure every 6-12 months.
Q. My dentist does not offer teeth whitening, can I  schedule an appointment for teeth whitening only?
A. Yes. If you are not an existing dental patient of Dentistry for the Entire Family, you will be scheduled with a dentist who will review your medical and dental history as well as l perform a  complimentary limited dental exam. Afterwards, he/she will discuss your teeth whitening options, including cost, and anticipated outcomes for each option for you to decide if teeth whitening is right for you.



Give the gift of a bright smile that lasts all year long!

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