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Trade Your Candy at our 5th Annual Halloween Sweet Swap

Dentistry for the Entire Family Halloween Sweet SwapHalloween Sweet Swap

Dentistry for the Entire Family’s 5th annual Halloween Sweet Swap is just around the corner.

Soon, your little trick or treaters will likely come home with a chocked full bag of sweet treats.

What will you do with all the candy your kids don’t eat? That’s where we come in.


Dentistry for the Entire Family has put together an awesome event to help your family make the most of all your leftover Halloween candy- without making your teeth pay the price.


Trick. Treat. Trade.

Get Paid. Swag. Support our Troops.

Enter to win a $50 Target gift card.


At our 5th annual Halloween Sweet Swap, your kids will have the chance to trade in their leftover candy for some great swag including $$.

  • $1 per pound ($3 max payout)
  • Receive a healthy swag bag of goodies
  • Have their picture taken for a chance to win a $50 Target gift card
  • Sign a greeting card for our military troops who are currently serving overseas

Donated candy will be sent to our military troops currently serving locall and/or overseas. Troops often distribute candy to locals to help build and establish relationships.



Donate excess Halloween Candy at Dentistry for the Entire FamilyHalloween treats & dental cavities

As parents, you’re especially mindful this time of year to make sure your kids brush and floss their teeth after indulging on Halloween candy. Sugar left behind provides opportunity for harmful dental plaque to weaken tooth enamel, the outermost layer of your teeth, and increase the risk for developing dental cavities.


Parent tips for Halloween candy

  • Have your child pick a handful of their favorite sweet treats and encourage them to donate the rest.
  • Allow your child to enjoy a sweet treat or two in conjunction with meal times.
  • Have your child brush and floss his/her teeth before bed.




Dentistry for the Entire Family Halloween Swap EventHalloween Sweet Swap Dates & Time

Dentistry for the Entire Family’s Halloween Sweet Swap will be held at our office located at:
1099 East Moore Lake Drive, Fridley, MN 55432.

The dates and collection times are listed below. This event is open to the public and our existing dental patients…so tell all your friends!

Monday, November 1, 2021   3:00pm-5:00pm

Tuesday, November 2, 2021   3:00pm-5:00pm

Wednesday, November 3, 2021    3:00pm-6:00pm









Halloween Sweet Swap DetailsHow does our Halloween Sweet Swap work?

  • Help your kids place excess Halloween candy in a plastic bag.
  • Bring bagged candy to Dentistry for the Entire Family during Halloween Sweet Swap event dates and times.
  • We’ll weigh your kid’s bag of candy and pay your child $1 per pound up to $3 max per child in exchange for their candy.
  • Additionally, your child will receive a healthy smile swag bag filled assorted dental goodies.
  • Cards for our soldiers will be available for your child to sign and tell our troops how much we appreciate their service.
  • Kid’s can opt to have their picture taken for a chance to win a $50 Target Gift card.







Share your Photo and Enter to Win!

Have your picture taken at the event to show off to your friends & family that you’ll be swapping your extra sweets for fun prizes.

Post the photo to Facebook, and tag Dentistry for the Entire Family.

Receive a raffle entry for a chance to win a $50 Target gift card.

Winner will be announced on Thursday, November 4, 2021 on our Facebook page.




Bring your friends!

This event is open to the public and our existing dental patients. So…invite ALL of your friends, family members, neighbors, and coworkers to stop by and join us for our 4th annual Halloween Sweet Swap.
Visit our Facebook page for more information and updates! See you there!!!

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