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Holiday Charity Drive: Help Feed the Need, Donate Non-Perishable Items & Food

Dentistry for the Entire Family Food DriveFood Drive: Help Anoka County Families
in Need

Dentistry for the Entire Family is hosting a food drive during the month of November to help struggling families in Anoka county, Minnesota to provide adequate nutrition for their family.


The statistics are heartbreaking for how many people live in hunger. According to Minnesota FoodShare, one in 10 Minnesota residents experience food insecurity on a regular basis. Additionally, almost half of these families are employed.


It’s difficult to swallow that 47% of adults and 14% of children skip meals not because they’re not hungry,
but due to there is no food in their cupboards


Nutrition is vital not only for our general health and well being, but also for our dental health. Inadequate nutrition can impact infants, toddlers, children, and teenagers whose teeth are still growing and developing. For adults, especially seniors, inadequate nutrition can gravely impact their ability to chew, absorb, and digest food containing necessary nutrients to help prevent disease.


Dentistry for the Entire Family has partnered with Northern Anoka County Emergency Food Shelf and Southern Anoka County Emergency Food Shelf to collect non perishable food items during the month of November. In addition to food
donations, Dentistry for the Entire Family is also going to donate a generous supply of dental care products including toothbrushes,
toothpaste, and dental floss.




Donate: Non-Perishable Food & Items Food Drive November 2016


At our 1st annual Feed the Need Food Drive, your family
can help families in need as well as enter to win a $50 Cub
Foods gift certificate

  • Donate a non-perishable food item(s)
  • Have your picture taken with one of our fun Thanksgiving Day inspired photo booth props to show your family and friends your generosity.
  • Post your photo to Facebook and tag Dentistry for the Entire Family.
  • The winner of the $50 Cub Foods gift certificate will be announced on Thursday, December 1, 2016 on our Facebook page.

Donated food and non-perishable food items will be donated to Anoka County food shelves. 




Childhood hunger impacts dental healthChildhood Hunger & Oral Health

Children who grow up in food insecure families are vulnerable to poor health and stunted development from the earliest stages of life.


Hunger impacts a child’s ability to thrive in school. Hunger pains impact ability to focus and articulate important school lessons and life skills.


Inadequate nutrition increases the risk to develop diet sensitive chronic disease including diabetes, obesity from consumption of inexpensive, unhealthy food containing excess sugar that increases the risk for tooth decay.




Too many seniors must choose between Hunger impacts seniors dental healthFood or Medication

All to real is the fact that many of our elderly and senior aged populations are faced with rising healthcare premiums on a fixed, limited income that no longer affords them enough money to buy food and life saving prescription medications due to a number of factors including inflation, and rising living costs.


As a result, many of our seniors too often must choose between eating or buying their prescription medications. This is so sad considering that the United States is a country of prosperity and wealth.


Life expectancy decreases while the prevalence of chronic disease increases for seniors and elderly who live in prolonged periods of hunger and inadequate nutrition. Common chronic diseases include: high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, periodontal disease, and tooth loss. Additionally, for those with removable dentures and or teeth partials, their teeth may become ill fitting due to nutritional deficiencies.


We hope that you’ll join us and donate to help our neighbors. We will have a designated area in our reception room to collect donations during business hours listed below. Our address is: 1099 East Moore Lake Drive, Fridley, MN 55432.
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