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Five Tooth-Busting Foods to Watch Out For

You care about your teeth. You know you need to brush and floss regularly, visit your dentist every six months, and take care of potential problems promptly. What you don’t know is that foods you eat every day can break or crack your pretty pearly whites. For the sake of your teeth, watch out for these five foods when chowing down.


Popped popcorn isn’t a hard food, but it’s not the soft, fluffy pieces of this salty snack that pose a threat to your dental health. When you make or buy popcorn, there are always some kernels that remain unpopped. They’re hard to see amidst the bigger pieces, but if you accidentally put one in your mouth and bite down hard, you could find yourself scheduling an emergency visit to the dentist.

When eating popcorn, avoid the kernels altogether.


Nuts are delicious as well as nutritious, but they can be a danger to your teeth (both in their shells and out). Nuts that you buy still in-shell, such as hazelnuts, walnuts, or pistachios, can cause problems if you try to open them with your teeth.

Even unshelled nuts can cause trouble. Almonds are especially hard to chew. It’s safer to buy slivered almonds to snack on.


Chicken wings, chicken legs, ribs, and other types of bone-in meats are a great addition to any family dinner or backyard barbeque. Be careful when eating these carnivore delights to ensure you don’t take a careless bite into a bone. You can choose boneless meat options, or simply exercise extra caution when indulging.

Hard Candy

From lollipops to cough drops, hard candies can be a real pain in the mouth if you chew them. It’s better to suck on hard candies than to eat them quickly, but even then, these sweets are best avoided. Not only can they break your teeth, they also contain sugar that causes cavities and tooth decay.


Chewing ice can be addicting, whether it’s your favorite way to cool off in the summer or you just enjoy the satisfying crunch. You think chomping on ice is fun, but your teeth disagree. Ice is very hard and can cause microscopic fractures every time you eat it. You may not even know you’ve been damaging your teeth until it’s too late and those little fractures start to become big problems.

Chipping or breaking a tooth is a startling and unpleasant experience. Call Dentistry for the Entire Family today to set up an appointment and make sure that all your teeth are structurally sound!


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